- You can create an unlimited number of new places, change or delete

- The display is a table

- You can assign a photo to each bee place, the photos are managed in a separate folder .

- For each state , the number of bee colony is displayed.

  about doubleclick you get into the Beehive

voelkerfuehrung stand voelkeranzeige bunt

- You can move beehives to another bee place

- Honey extraction centrifuging can be captured, at what time , what sort , how much

- For each bee-place a quality index to be created.

- For each bee-place plants and honeysorts can be recorded

- For each bee-place plants can be quality characteristics created

- List of bee-places

- List of bee colonies an bee places

- Stock records on the use of medicines

- Many bee colonies produce at once

- Bee place visit

- All Beehives you can visually represent