Beekeeping-Software Imkereiverwaltung 3.0 is is structured in 4 modules.

  • In any case, you must purchase the basic version, but the others can
    Modules combine respectively.

  • you want to buy the beekeeping management 3.0,
    then use the contact below listed options by credit card, debit card or Paypal zahlungsoptionen
    or use directly the ordering function of the program in advance.

  • Please test this programm bevor you by this programm.

  • Basicversion  49,00 Euro
    Basicversion + AppReadmodul (without Android-App)
     65,00 Euro
    Basicversion + AppReadmodul+ Auftrag (without Android-App)
     80,00 Euro
    Basicversion + AppReadmodul+ Zucht (without Android-App)
     95,00 Euro
    Basicversion + AppReadmodul+ Auftrag + Zucht
     =Vollversion mit AppEinlesemodul (without Android-App)
     110,00 Euro
    Basicversion + Order 64,00 Euro
    Basicversion + Breeding
     79,00 Euro

    App-Readmodul (Basic version requirement)
     (ohne Android-App)

     16,00 Euro
    Ordermodul (Basic version requirement)
     15,00 Euro
    Breedingmodul (Basic version requirement)
     30,00 Euro
    Basicversion + Order + Breeding=Vollversion
    without AppReademodul
     94,00 Euro
    CD (incl. Versandkosten)
    (die CD enthält das jeweils neueste Setup, Aktualisierung auf die
    neueste Version erfolgt übers Internet.)
     10,00 Euro
  • You can also at any time to purchase a module if you wish to expand their beekeeping.
    Program-updates for beekeeping management 3.0 are free.
    For then use and handling the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    You can pay via Paypal, debit or credit card, sending the key ist to receipt of Paypal credit !