1.The Android app> Beekeeper App Pro <is free and can be downloaded here
>> Download Imker-App-Pro <<
2. The APP - read-in module for beekeeping 3.0 currently not available

The Online-Dokumentation
Online-Dokumentation as .pdf-File

and here is the description showing the Collaboration App and the beekeeping management 3.0.
Privacy Android App Usage
The app system for using the> Beekeeper App Pro <works with an Internet MySQL database
which serves as a buffer for the data exchange.

The data in this MySQL database is read and stored via the user's license key.

This ensures that no external data can be transmitted.
The administrator (RaPaSoft) of this system has access to the data located there.
This data will in no case be disclosed or otherwise used.

Anyone wishing to use this app system must therefore agree with these conditions,

otherwise it should not use the system and not send data to the system.

By entering the license key, the user agrees to this procedure.
An IOS app will not exist, the effort is disproportionately high.